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  • Aeron is a Ethereum based software for aviation safety, which contains 3 major parts: blockchain powered web portal aerotrips, mobile/web app for pilots and mobile/web app for aviation company. The project started 2016 by an international team (Hong Kong, Cyprus and other countries). Aeron company is registered in Belize.
    The main purpose of Aeron was to exclude human factor and prevent aviation accidents and to provide transparency and decentralized access to facts important for safety (for example, pilots’ flight experience, aircraft flight hours, flight log data). Blockchain storage ensures that vital data cannot be altered. In case of any mismatch in data between Aeron web portal, pilot or operator, Air Traffic Control can detect and solve the problem. Aeron Salesforce will be integrated with most Aviation operators, flight schools and Maintenance Organizations.
    Aeron operates with ERC-20 token ARN, ICO finished September 2017. Aeron has fixed total token supply of 20M ARN, no more tokens can be mined.