Bitcoin Private Wallet ($BTCP)

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  • Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is peer-to-peer, open-source decentralized cryptocurrency that is able to keep private the details of the sender, receiver and the amount involved in the transaction. It uses zk-snarks to ensure the privacy of users. While transactions are recorded on the blockchain, information regarding the participants of the transactions are unidentifiable.

    BTCP is a hardfork of ZCL and BTC. The two were co-forked into Bitcoin private. The snapshot of the fork was on February 28th 2018, while the mainnet launch occurred on March 3rd 2018. ZCL and BTC token holders receive BTCP coins on a ratio of 1:1.

    The main purpose of this coin is to secure the privacy of users not provided in Bitcoin. It also executes transactions faster than Bitcoin due to its larger block size. There was no premine and no founders reward hence starting on a fair ground and also features two-way replay protection.

    BTCP is compatible with Full Node Desktop Wallet, Ledger NanoS, ZelCore, Coinomi, Paper and Electrum Wallets. It is listed on HitBTC, TradeOgre, Crex24, Trade Satoshi, Nanex and Extrates exchanges. The coin has support from a large community of developers, researchers and other experts. Currently, it has more than 158 contributors and adding more.