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  • Crown Coin is a coin and blockchain platform, forked from Bitcoin on October 2014. Crown Coin is an open source project with 288 worldwide contributors. Instead of registering a company, Crown Coin has a governance system, which chooses platform growth direction and manages funds. Any platform user can submit a proposal on Crown policy or changes, and node owners vote which proposals the platform should support. Crown uses 10% of each block reward to fund its development.
    The main purpose of Crown Coin platform was to “Build Your Kingdom”: to create a community of dedicated users who would maintain open-access, free, decentralized economy. Any member with a stake in the network has an opportunity to impact platform’s operation and development process.
    Crown tokens CRW can be purchased on exchanges. Next to operate on the blockchain you need to buy a Systemnode (500 CRW) or Masternode (10,000 CRW). Masternodes must have a dedicated IP address and run 24/7. Only Masternodes can participate in Crown governance votes.