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  • Hive is a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that assists Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to cash in on invoices they are not able to factor-in with traditional institutions. The Hive platform acts as a decentralized data room where the invoices are tokenized and each is assigned a unique digital signature where the businesses can then cash in on them. All the invoices are automated on the Ethereum blockchain and made available to the public. This platform brings together your risk manager, your auditor and your liquidity broker on one table. The platform also assists in carrying out credit checks and real time auditing of the SMEs.

    HVN is the token used to carry out operations on the Hive platform. It is an ERC20 token that has a total supply of 500 million tokens. It gives the token holders the authority to claim rights over tokenized invoices. Those holders and businesses with an attractive credit score and a good financial record usually get credit scores. HVN initial coin offering ended on August 14, 2017, and raised approximately $8.9 million. The ICO price per token was $0.0227. HVN is listed on various exchanges including HitBTC, IDEX, Livecoin, ForkDelta and Lykke Exchange.

    The management of the Hive project include Richard Titus, the CEO, Ugur Yildirim, the Finance Advisor, Vasja Zupan, Business and Strategy Advisor and Tomislav Mucic, Blockchain Auditing among others.