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  • LocalCoinSwap is a decentralized peer-to-peer and community owned cryptocurrency exchange where users are allowed to use alternative methods of payment. The exchange rewards its users with the revenue generated from the exchanges in proportion to the amount of coins one has. It actually distributes 100% of the profits made back to the LCS token holders. The exchange will not have a centralized bank account, restrictions or verification requirements.

    The exchange uses the Proof-of-Stake voting system in which there is an open forum democracy where participants have the right to decide on the developments of the platform. Cryptoshare holders enjoy special offers on new listings and receive airdrops when new digital currencies are listed.

    LCS is an ERC20 coin that is not premined. Its initial coin offering (ICO) ended on June 15, 2018, and raised approximately $12 million. It is this coin that is used to run operations on the exchange. This coin is listed on Hotbit exchange for trading.

    LocalCoinSwap is lead by a team of engineers and scientists with blockchain technology knowledge. They include their Chief Technical Officer, Nathan Worsley, Lead Security Engineer, Aapeli Vuorinen and chief Financial Officer Thomas Underwood among others.