Minexcoin Wallet ($MNX)

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  • MinexCoin is a coin, blockchain platform and prepaid Visa plastic card for offline payments with MNX coin. MinexCoin blockchain is an open source project started March 2017 by a team from Ukraine. MinexCoin uses its special consensus algorithm Mars and autonomous algorithm MinexBank for stabilizing coin exchange rate.
    The main purpose of MinexCoin was to create a coin with low volatility and stabilize exchange rate when using crypto-currencies. For this goal MinexCoin uses an autonomous algorithm MinexBank, which reduces or increases interest rates and uses market interventions. Another goal is to introduce crypto-currency payments to offline world using prepaid plastic card MinexPay. This card is a Visa plastic card and can be used like any other prepaid card at offline shops with POS-terminals. But instead of paying with fiat currency it utilizes funds on your MNX wallet with a rate defined on the moment of purchase by Coinmarketcap.com.
    MinexCoin coin MNX can be mined (new blocks are mined every 3 minutes with a reward of 2.5 MNX) or purchased on exchanges Exmo, Livecoin or CoinExchange.