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  • RevolutionVR is a blockchain platform for creating, running and playing virtual reality games. This project started November 2015 with a name Voxelus (token VOX). And January 2018 the project was renamed and rebranded to RevolutionVR. Core team of RevolutionVR is from San Francisco, United States and Buenos Aires, Argentina, but they employ remote developers all over the world.
    The main purpose of RevolutionVR was to create a platform, where VR content will be rendered using cloud with strong master nodes, and gamers with weak computers could run high definition games. Also anyone could easily create Virtual Reality video games and experiences on RevolutionVR without programming. Voxelus Creator, an open source 3D editor for PC and Mac, is similar to a game MineCraft, so not only playing a game is fun, but also creating it. For VR streaming platform has a partnership with VideoCoin.
    RevolutionVR operates with token RVR, which is used as in-game cryptocurrency for purchasing games, premium content and game assets (3D models, music, animation).