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  • ToaCoin is an innovative way of introducing digital currency into the travel and tourism industry. This coin was originally designed to make payments for travel expenses and hotel accommodation, but was later improved to make payments for all manner of goods and services. The platform also acts as an exchange with multiple listings where users can exchange TOA for other cryptocurrencies.

    TOA is a PoW/PoS (Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake) coin that uses scrypt algorithm. It is a mineable coin but is not premined. Those with TOA coins can hold them to stake and earn more every year hence increasing their wealth. The coin has its own blockchain where transactions are recorded. Users can see these transactions but cannot see or reveal who carried out the transactions. It has a mobile, desktop and an online wallet from which you can make transactions as well as store your coins. Coinomi wallet also supports this coin. TOA coin is listed in several large exchanges including Cryptopia, Trade Satoshi, Crex24, CryptoBridge, Novaexchange and Exrates.

    It is managed by a team of top professionals who include engineers and scientists as well as blockchain professionals. Among them is the CEO and cryptocurrency strategist Richard Park, the Chief technical Director, Benjamin Pacheco, Chief Marketer, Kay Tan and Chief Operating Officer, Ha Sung Jo among others.