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  • FeatherCoin (FTC) is a coin built on Feather blockchain which is an upgraded and customized version of Litecoin blockchain. The Feather blockchain uses NeoScrypt for block hashing. NeoScrypt is derived from the original Scrypt algorithm (used as a proof of work in Litecoin/dogecoin). The Scrypt algorithm was designed to make it costly to perform large-scale custom hardware attacks by enforcing the requirements of the large amounts of memory. The purpose of Scrypt based mining was to make the process complicated for specialized ASIC miners and thus eliminate the excessive influence of ASIC devices. The purpose of Scrypt based mining is to reduce the centralization effect created by ASIC miners and also allow normal GPU farms to work in an efficient manner.

    The difference between the original Scrypt and NeoScrypt is the volume of rewards per block and transaction speeds. The average reward per block is 40 coins and the block time is 1 minute. Feathercoin offers near zero payment fees thus making it easy to adopt for the merchants and point of sale systems. The total supply of Feathercoin is 336 million with block reward halving every 2.1 million blocks.

    Feathercoin was founded and developed by Peter Bushnell in 2013. He is an extensive experience in crypto space with over 10 years of experience. He is also working as CTO at Hullcoin. The Feathercoin team consist of Lucas Betschart (Executive director), Harm Aarts (software engineer) and Calem Smith (Senior project manager).