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  • Substratum Network (SUB) is a platform that seeks to utilize blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to change the manner in which data is hosted and distributed. It is an open-source network that will enable individuals to rent out unused computer resources to help create a free and fair internet. Users running a Substratum node will earn digital tokens whenever they serve content. The network comprises of a collection of nodes that utilize high-end cryptography to secure and deliver content/data without the need of using VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Tor.

    SUB (substrate and atoms. Same as dollars and cents) is the token that will run the Substratum Network. It will be used to pay for rented space and other resources as well as for other services on the network. When one wants to host their site on this network, they simply buy the substrates from the exchanges. The content is made available for Substratum members to forward who are then paid in Substrates. Users can then pay using their preferred cryptocurrency which then is converted to the preferred currency of the host using Substrate as an intermediary.

    Substratum network was founded on the first quarter of 2017. It held its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the third quarter and raised more than $12 million. It then got its subtoken listed in various exchanges during the same quarter. The token is now listed in Binance, OKEx, Kucoin, HitBTC,, Bitbnss and Coss exchanges.

    The team pushing forward and managing this network is composed of experienced individuals with backgrounds in various fields like AI and computer science. They include Justin Tabb who is the CEO and co-founder, Abram Cookson the CIO and co-founder, B.J. Allmon, the COO and co-founder, chief technical officer Steve Swing, chief marketing officer christian Pope, technical lead Dan wiebe and advisor Michael Stockwell.