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  • Aelf’s vision is to become the “Linux for Blockchain” by creating an OS that is customizable, allowing for flexible and efficient development for commercial use. The Aelf system makes use of a Main Chain serving as the backbone connecting multiple layers of Side Chains working in parallel. Aelf assigns one chain to one type of contract or use case, thus resulting in a structure that is easy to manage, eliminates bottlenecks, and allows private chain ownership. It is also designed to be able to communicate with external Blockchain systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum via messaging.

    The Aelf team held a private sale for its aelf [ELF] token in December 2017 distributing 25% of the 1 billion total token supply. No ICO was held, but it has since been listed for trade on several exchanges. It is an ERC20 token and can be stored in compatible wallets.