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  • Flixxo is a decentralized blockchain platform for sharing video content that enables users to own and benefit from their content. It connects users with advertisers, producers and content creators directly and eliminates intermediaries. Instead of just providing likes as is with the case of other sharing sites, Flixxo goes a notch higher to monetize those likes. Viewers also benefit from watching and sharing their favorite content. Flixx ensures that users watch only the content they want to watch and are not barraged by a mass of unwanted advertising content.

    FLIXX token is used to carry out transactions on the Flixxo platform. The token that is based on Ethereum and which is not premined is used to pay for content and advertising space and to reward users. The token's ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was held between October 24, 2017 and November 24 of the same year and raised $5 million. The token price was $0.1176. The token is listed for trading on Kucoin, IDEX, Livecoin, Liquid and ForkDelta. Flixxo earns from advertising commission from those who post advertising content. The platform keeps 10% of these revenue streams.

    This platform has its headquarters in Argentina and is managed by a team of professionals and experts in cryptocurrency, communication and media. They include Adrian Garelik, Pablo Carbajo, Javier D'Ovidio, Federico Abad and Olha Rymar.