WhiteCoin Wallet ($XWC)

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  • WhiteCoin (XWC) is a coin used on its native "Whitecoin blockchain" which is based on hybrid consensus protocol employing both the proof of work and proof of stake algorithms. After the initial release and development of proof of work phase, the WhiteCoin founder stopped working on the project. The project was then taken over by WhiteCoin community working under the name of "WhiteCoin foundation". Further developments on the platform are made by WhiteCoin foundation. In 2017 the Whitecoin foundation has upgraded the WhiteCoin blockchain to Proof of Stake 3.0, which solves the issues of Coin-Age, blockchain precomputation and block reward. The WhiteCoin offers transactions that are anonymous, transparent, faster and secure in a cost-effective manner. The block time of WhiteCoin is 60 seconds. WhiteCoin also offers a WhiteOS built on an optimized version of Ubuntu. The WhiteOS offers a portable and secure wallet as well as an operating system that can be used with a laptop or a PC.

    WhiteCoin establishes the consensus on nodes known as "White nodes". WhiteCoin is used to incentivize the holders and users participating in the network. The holders need to hold the WhiteCoin till maturity in order to claim the reward. Coins reach maturity after 120 blocks. The block reward is 5 WhiteCoins.

    WhiteCoin foundation is a strong community-driven project lead by Chris Salsman. The Whitecoin Foundation is registered with Ministry of joint Stocks in Canada.