Gemini Dollar Wallet ($GUSD)

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  • Gemini Dollar is a platform that allows the transfer of U.S Dollars on the blockchain. It is a cryptographic token that is issued by Gemini Trust Company based in New York. The tokens or Gemini dollars must have a corresponding amount held at State Bank and Trust company. Gemini Dollar incorporates the stability and credit worthiness of the US dollar and the blockchain technology. It also has the backing of U.S regulators making one of a kind stablecoin in the world. It is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). You can send and receive USD much the same way as sending and receiving emails.

    The platform provides an easy way of buying cryptocurrencies using the USD. One Gemini Dollar is always equivalent to one USD. The platform's smart contract is audited by a security and research company called Trail Bits, while the dollar accounts are checked every month by a registered accounting firm called BPM, LLP.

    GUSD is an Ethereum based token used on the Gemini platform and it’s not premined. It is listed on various exchanges for trading. These exchanges include Bibox, Coinsuper, HitBTC, BCEX, The Rock Trading, Lbank and CoinExchange. It is compatible with ERC20 and ETH digital currencies' wallets.