Lympo Wallet ($LYM)

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  • Lympo is a sports and wellness platform that is powered by sports and wellness data generated and controlled by users. It is a platform that connects health and fitness to the blockchain and seeks to motivate individuals to participate for in fitness activities for their well-being. Users earn rewards from the data collected through mobile phones and other wearables. Users earn LYM tokens as rewards for reaching a particular milestone like running 4 miles or visiting a particular location like a gym for specified number of times in a given period.

    LYM the currency used to run the Lympo ecosystem is an ERC20 token and is not premined. The token has a maximum supply of 1 billion. Its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ended on Feb 28, 2018 and raised $8.3 million. Token price at ICO was $0.0210. United States of America (USA) and China were restricted from participating

    The system features a personal fitness wallet that is connected to wearables and fitness apps. This wallet collects and stores fitness and health data. Users can exchange this data for health and fitness goods and services. LYM is listed on various exchanges for trading. These exchanges include Bitfinex, Ethfinex, Kucoin,, Huobi Global, Cobin Hood and Coinzest.

    Lympo is guided and managed by a team of able experts including Ada Jonuse, the CEO and Founder, Tadas Maurukas, the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Marius Silenskis, the Chief Product Officer and Co-founder and others.