Viberate Wallet ($VIB)

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  • Viberate (VIB) is developed as an ERC-20 compliant token on Ethereum blockchain centered around the music industry. Viberate is used to reward the users registering on the platform. It is also used when referring the friends, promoting the service, curating the existing profiles and writing editorial content. Users can redeem the Viberate tokens for concert tickets or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

    Viberate is a crowdsourced decentralized live music ecosystem of musicians, music venues, event organizers and booking industries powered by blockchain technology and smart contracts. Viberate is focused on providing equal representation and opportunity for every musician using the blockchain technology. Viberate solves the problem of live music where a few major talent industries benefit from the performance of the artists. The users can create a musician profile on the Viberate platform which gives them tools to expand and reach to their customers directly. The profiles are ranked according to their social media popularity. The event organizers can also pay the musicians in VIB tokens which are held in Escrow until the event is fully executed. The tickets for the event will be available on Dapps where the users can pay in Viberate tokens to book their seats.

    Viberate was founded by three fiends i.e. Matej Gregorčič, Vasja Veber and Uros Umek. There are 17 other members working on this project. Viberate has managed to gather 350,000 musicians on their platform with 2000 event booking agencies.